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This video was produced by Vianney Vocations, whose mission is to renew the Church by inspiring priestly and religious vocations. We do this by serving Vocation Offices and providing high-quality vocation resources.

Creative Commons Assets:
(All works regularly edited, and licensed CC BY 3.0)

“The Sea Also Rises” by MKY

“Boston College Awaits” by Boston College / John Walsh

“Get Lost” by Graham Uhelski

“Youth Unlimited” by Youth Unlimited

“The Fableists – Finn – Kids don’t belong in factories” by Olivier Venturini

“Called By Name: Father Marc” by Archdiocese of Edmonton

“Called By Name: Father Carlos” by Archdiocese of Edmonton

“go go milk – zidane” by S. Vetoshnikov

“The Sun: Freddie Flintoff” by Archer’s Mark

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