Vocation Prayer Apostolate

The Vocation Prayer Apostolate is a spiritual army of women and men.

Many who are homebound, in hospitals, and in nursing homes join us in offering up their suffering for an increase in priestly vocations.

There is an ancient tradition of offering up suffering to God, beginning in the Old Testament and culminating with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. You, too, can join thousands of saints who have offered up their suffering for spiritual gain.

  • In your heart, “spiritually enroll” in the Vocation Prayer Apostolate to pray for vocations to priesthood.
  • Each day, walk with Jesus in your pain and sorrow, just as He suffered and died for our salvation.
  • Offer your suffering for the men Jesus is calling to be His priests, praying that they hear and respond.
  • Each day at 3pm, the time of Our Lord’s death, pray these prayers:

For Priestly Vocations

Lord Jesus, You willingly suffered a painful death for the sake of my salvation. Today I join my pain with Yours—my illness, my loneliness, my heartache—all for the sake of the souls in purgatory, and for an increase in vocations to the priesthood. Have pity on your servant, Lord, for to you I lift up my soul. Amen.

For Union with Jesus

by Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Let not my abandonment, and my sorrow, and my bereavement go to waste. Gather up the fragments, and as the drop of water is absorbed by the wine at the offertory of the Mass, let my life be absorbed in You; let my little cross be entwined with Your Great Cross, so that I may purchase the joys of everlasting happiness in union with You. Amen.